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Operation Encompass

Op Encompass

Operation Encompass provides a method of sharing information between the Police and local Schools.  This provides the designated "Key Adult" within the School with information where a child has been present in a household where an incident of domestic abuse has been recorded.  The information is aimed to be shared with the School prior to the commencement of the next school day so that the School can provide any appropriate support within the School environment for that pupil on that day.

Operation Encompass does not replace or supersede existing safeguarding protocols that are in place, existing safeguarding procedures and guidelines continue.  It aims to send notifications to the School from the Police when they attend any incident where a child is involved.

Operation Encompass is not about asking for the School to do any more than provide immediate support to the child whilst in attendance at School following an incident in the home.  It is designed to reinforce safeguarding and ensure children's wellbeing is of paramount importance.

By sharing information through Operation Encompass it is hoped that children of school age, who are witnessing domestic abuse, will have access to responsive emotional health and wellbeing support within School after an incident.

The pilot will go live on the 2nd January 2020 and currently only those Schools who have secure email address are able to be part of the pilot.  An event was held on the 14th November for those Schools are eligible to be part of the pilot, however, if you were not able to attend, please contact the LSCP Business Team at lscp@thurrock.gov.uk


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