Proactively Engaging Families who are uncertain (A multi-agency approach) - FREE TRAINING

Thursday 26th January 2023

Tuesday 7th March 2023

Tuesday 9th May 2023

09.00 till 16.30

MS Teams

Learning Outcomes

Working with a diverse range of families and/or communities, can pose a series of difficulties and challenges for individuals working in the wide range of children's social care, public, private and third sector settings.

Whilst it is important to be vigilant to the small number of families who may be trying to deflect the attention of professionals away from deliberate harm being caused to a child, it is far more likely that behaviour that appears evasive, aggressive or to constitute disguised compliance, it is far more likely that what is being seen is a result of families being nervous, afraid or reluctant to engage with professionals for a wide range of complex reasons which as previous poor experience, fear, shame, pride cultural differences or lack of awareness as to what the role of professionals might be.  These responses often increase when moving from early help through the stages of child in need, child protection or care proceedings as families fear the consequences of statutory interventions.

Professionals need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to support families that are struggling to engage with services, to enable and empower, and where appropriate, de-escalate difficult interactions whilst still remaining focused on safeguarding the child. This programme explores the reasons people struggle to engage, looking at their situation through their lens and how to employ a range of person-centred and strengths-based skills to enable effective relational interventions to take place. Delegates will be prompted to consider the rights of individuals not to engage if they have capacity and the balance this creates between the right of individuals to make unwise decisions and the duty to protect children. Finally, delegates will have the opportunity to practice the skills involved in having difficult conversations and de-escalating potentially challenging interactions in practice.

Please note that whilst this training is free, failure to attend without 5 working days notice will result in a £50 charge.


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