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NWG - Exploitation and the transition into Adulthood

Wednesday 10th March 2021

10.00 till 12.00

About the Session

The session will cover:-

  • Why there needs to be improvement.
  • What are the issues that are raised across the country?  For example, use of language, consent trauma, disruption.
  • What does good transition look like?

It will also be an opportunity to reflect on the current response in Thurrock and how this could be potentially improved.

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About the Speaker

Steve Baguley from the NWG-Network has been to over 100 areas examining exploitation, adolescent safeguarding and the transition into adulthood.  He continue to work with areas looking to improve their response in this area.

Additional Information:-

  • There will no charge for attending this training, however, failure to attend without 48 hours notice will result in a £50 non attendance fee.  Full details are available in the LSCP Charging Guidelines and Policy.
  • Participants are expected to attend the whole session.
  • Places will be allocated to ensure a variety of agencies are able to attend, if you have been booked onto this training, you will receive an email from the LSCP Business Team. 

By submitting the application you agree to the terms and conditions of the below declaration:-


  1. I confirm that I have read the learning outcomes for this course and believe that I will significantly benefit from this learning and that I meet the criteria.
  2. I will take all necessary steps to ensure that the learning outcomes are reinforced in the workplace.
  3. My Line Manager has agreed to me attending this training.
  4. I agree to complete post-course feedback which will be emailed through to me within 48 hours of the end of this training and will also complete the follow up survey six weeks later.  I am aware that failure to complete either of these feedbacks will result in notification to my manager and i will not receive my certificate of attendance, which may affect my compliance to meet any statutory requirements.
  5. I understand that places will be allocated by Thurrock Safeguarding Children Partnership.  I understand that my details may be securely and confidentially retained by Thurrock Local Safeguarding Children Partnership for statistical and information purposes only

Data Protection

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, the information provided on this form will be held for the purposes of training and development.  This information will be stored securely in electronic format and any original hard copies disposed of as confidential waste. The information will be processed by members of the LSCP Business Team and will be kept in accordance with retention policies.  It may be shared with other LSCP members for the purposes of audit and scrutiny.


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