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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

CSE is when an abuser manipulates, coerces or forces a child or young person into performing sexual acts.

Abusers are usually older males, but they can sometimes be of a similar age or be female.  They are very sophisticated in the way they operate, meaning what they do is well thought out and planned.

An abuser will know areas to target.  They are skilled in approaching children or young people in person or may use a young girl or woman, or boy or girl to make the initial contact.  Some use the internet or mobile phones to engage the child or young person.  

To do this they may use threats, violence, introduce them to alcohol or drugs and create a dependancy, or make the child/young person feel special through attention or gifts or pretend to be their boyfriend or girlfriend.

They will aim to alienate them from their friends and family - this is referred to as the grooming process.

More information can be found in the CSE Parent Guide which can be downloaded by clicking here


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