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Are you thinking of employing a private tutor or coach?

Parents and carers may seek private tuition for their child for a variety of reasons:-

  • to help with their school work and improve their grades;
  • develop their language skills;
  • to learn a musical instrument or be accompanied on a musical instrument; or
  • other extracurricular activity (eg sports coaching, drama).

Most private tutors and tuition centers advertise in local papers and on the internet and it is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure the tutor is appropriately qualified and safe to work with children or the tuition center has undertaken the necessary safeguarding checks.

Some simple steps/checks that you can undertake are:-

  • Always interview the tutor and be satisfied that they answer your questions fully
  • Ask to see personal references and ensure you contact them to confirm the referees
  • Ask to see their qualification certificates
  • Ask to see their CV or employment record
  • If the tutor is a qualified teacher ask to see a copy of the tutors Teaching Agency Registration and a copy of their DBS (Criminal Record Check)

Remember - Any tutor that is mindful and aware of current expectations towards safeguarding children should have no objection to any of these checks or arrangements.  Do not feel that you are acting unreasonably to expect this and you should not accept arrangements you are not happy with.


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