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An awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse


This Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse course explores the types of and risk factors of domestic violence and abuse, the physical and psychological effects and the behaviours displayed by an abusive person. In addition, learn about the MARAC process and the best practises for supporting those experiencing domestic violence.

Course description

This course covers a wide range of information and guidance for all those working with individuals, both child and adult, who are vulnerable to domestic abuse or suffering from it.

The modules in this product have been created with victims in mind and will inform learners about domestic violence, and how to support those experiencing it.

This wide-ranging course is designed to give the maximum amount of information and guidance to those who are working with victims of domestic abuse or those who may be vulnerable to domestic abuse.

This training course covers a wide range of topics such as:

  • Types of domestic violence and abuse
  • Risk factors for domestic abuse
  • Situations which can make domestic abuse more likely
  • The Power and Control Wheel
  • The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
  • Key principles for helping victims
  • The impact of domestic abuse on children, young people and vulnerable adults 
  • Barriers to seeking help, and how to address them
  • The MARAC Process(Multi-agency Risk Assessment Conferences) and the Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA)
  • The government’s Violence Against Women And Girls Strategy (2010)
  • The importance of confidentiality but also effective information sharing

The course also includes infographics, interactive scenarios and challenges to engage learners whilst giving them the ability to check their knowledge as the course proceeds.

Throughout this training learners are also provided with statistics around domestic violence, best practice guidance for helping individuals and principles for working with domestic abuse victims.

Who is this course for?

The Virtual College Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse course is appropriate for anyone who works closely with children or vulnerable adults. This could be social workers, teachers, healthcare staff or youth workers, for example.


After completing this course, you will be able to download a Virtual College certificate, which you can print for your records.

Course duration

The Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse course should take one to two hours to complete, but our e-learning courses are entirely self-paced, so this depends on your individual learning speed.

Please note that whilst this e-learning course is free, failure to complete within 30 days of the date of allocation will result in a £15 charge.

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