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Suicidal Thoughts


Course Description

Being able to identify the signs and symptoms of someone suffering from suicidal thoughts is crucial for anyone who works with children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Lack of mental wellbeing in children, young people and vulnerable adults can lead to suicidal thoughts and suicidal ideation.

This course goes into the reasons for such thoughts, explains why some people are vulnerable, and gives guidance on how to support people in this situation.

This course covers the following:

  • A definition of suicidal thoughts and mental wellbeing
  • A description of suicidal ideation and how to identify it
  • Statistics behind suicidal thoughts and suicide itself
  • Why some people are vulnerable to suicidal thoughts
  • Vulnerabilities for substance misuse, social isolation and other external influences
  • The risks specific to adults and teenagers
  • Guidance, how to assess risk, strengths-based practice, information sharing, interventions and how to help.

The course includes a range of scenarios to enable the learner to reflect on their own practice and engage in their learning, it also includes knowledge check challenges throughout.

You will learn

  • Explain what is meant by suicidal ideation and outline why people can experience it
  • Describe how prevalent suicide is
  • Identify and explain risk factors for suicidal ideation and outline why adolescents are at an increased risk
  • Identify behaviours associated with suicidal ideation
  • Explain how to respond to someone who is experiencing suicidal ideation

Who is it for?

Roles including:-

  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Social Workers
  • Police
  • Volunteers
  • Care workers
  • School support staff


On completion of this course you will be able to download a Virtual College certificate.


Approximately 1 - 2 hours. The length of time taken depends entirely on how quickly you can study and absorb the material. You can proceed as quickly or slowly as you like.

Please note that whilst this e-learning course is free, failure to complete within 30 days will result in a £15 charge.

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