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Operation Makesafe

Essex Police and local councils have teamed up and operation 'Operation Makesafe' across Essex.  This is a nationwide campaign to test how the hospitality respond to an exploitation scenario.  it focuses on whether hospitality staff have an awareness of the signs of exploitation and make reasonable steps to safeguard child from this potential harm.

This monitoring ensures the hospitality trade complies with duties set out in law and when issues arise in licensed premises then action is taken to reduce harm to children.  This monitoring tests out if staff ask safeguarding questions and attempt to contact the police to report concerns.  Hospitality staff are vital in spotting signs of possible exploitation and can help to safeguard children from this risk.  The hospitality trade often detect exploitation, report this whilst it is taking place so that children can be rescued an preserve evidence that could be used to successfully prosecute abusers.

We expect staff to:-

All of which are outlined on these webpages.  it is considered good practice to appoint a designated safeguarding children's lead on your premises who ensures all staff have access to safeguarding training and are aware how to record and report concerns.  We would advise that all staff are familiar with the guidance on these webpages and complete the free SET exploitation e-learning training.  You can even prepare your staff for monitoring by the police and council and explore their levels of awareness and responses with the 'Is or, or isn't it?' activity, or case study devised by NWG.

Hotels that have completed training authorised by Essex Police, Thurrock Local Safeguarding Children Partnership, Essex Safeguarding Children Board and Southend Local Safeguarding Children Partnership, such as CYP First, will have received a certificate confirming they have partnered with us under the Operation Makesafe scheme.

Please take the time to watch this Operation Makesafe presentation video from Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Safeguarding Children Boards.

If you wish to arrange staff training by CYP First, please contact them on office@cypfirst.co.uk.  If you wish to ask further questions about the Operation Makesafe scheme please contact your local policing team by calling 101.

Please click here for a press release from Essex Police about testing that is being undertaken across Essex.


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