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Preparing your employees

In preparation for an anonymous visit by Essex Police and the Council, to test your staff's safeguarding responses, you may wish to ensure they have a good level of awareness and are clear about expected responses.  You will find a case study to assist you in exploring possible scenarios with your staff plus an activity to help them to determine what is, and is not, a possible indicator of exploitation.

There is a useful video from Barnardos which could be used with employees. They could view and comment on the points in the video where the young person could be helped and how they could help.

Your staff could also undertake the SET exploitation e-learning to develop their awareness of exploitation.  We keep a record of everything that has successfully completed this training.

Some councils offer training to hospitality and licensed premised used by children to raise awareness of exploitation, such as the 'Spot It, Stop It' training.  Contact your local council to ask if training is available in your area.


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