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Spot the signs of exploitation

There are many signs of exploitation specific to the hospitality trade.  Below is a list of indicators all staff should be familiar with who work within the hospitality trade, put together by the NEG Network.  Being alert to these signs means that exploitation can be detected, police can be alerted whilst this occurs and evidence can be preserved, increasing the chances of successful prosecution and reducing the number of child victims.

You can find out more about the NWG and their "Say Something if you See Something" campaign on their website.  A printable version of the key indicators from the NWG can be accessed here.

Key indicators for the hotel Reception/Public areas:-

  • Guests refusing to leave credit/debit card details and insist on paying with cash
  • Guests requesting a room that is isolated
  • Guests with a local address renting a room
  • Guests who do not have any luggage or ID
  • Guests who appear secretive about their visit
  • Last minute walk-in bookings
  • Booking made in different names than those checking-in
  • Guests trying to conceal their activities in the room
  • Guests requesting an isolated room that is more private
  • Guests who do not want their room visited
  • Guests who request their room is not cleaned
  • Guests trying to conceal who they are with
  • Guests with a young person who appears nervous, withdrawn or fearful and acts upon instructions
  • Guests with a young person who appears disorientated or restricted from moving/communicating
  • Guests ho do not speak the same language as the person checking in
  • Young people with significantly older partners
  • Young girls who appear overly made up (make-up/clothing) that is inappropriate for their age
  • Young people loitering in public areas/external areas of premises
  • Guests arriving and asking for a specific room number with no details of the booking name
  • Guests who move in and out of the premises regularly at unusual hours
  • Numerous visitors to be a room at regular intervals
  • Unusual high traffic to guest room who do not appear to have a reason for being there
  • Individuals who appear to be monitoring public areas
  • Two or more adult males heading for a room may indicate a party
  • Guests who access an excessive or unusual amount of pornography (TV or computer)
  • Order alcohol to a room with underage people
  • Checking out early


  • Rooms with signs of sexual activity
  • Guest rooms with a lot of condoms/condom wrappers
  • Guest rooms with evidence of drug usage/drug paraphernalia (e.g. syringes. wraps, pipes, bongs, broken light bulbs, spoons, plastic bags, antiseptic wipes, prescription/over the counter drugs)
  • Guests who refuse to have their room cleaned
  • A hospitality suite with business men and young people (adults may be there or an event, conference or meeting)


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